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Our Saturday Social Skills & Self Regulation Workshop will be postponed until further notice. We are working diligently to find a solution that will best fit all families registered. We are closely monitoring the changing nature of COVID-19 and best practices. 

School Services

If your child regularly receives speech therapy services in school, services may be available depending on your daycare or school as they reopen. Please contact your school and see what their visitor service provider policy is, as each daycare and school differs. If you would prefer to move to in-home services, that continues to be an option.

In-Home Services

In-home services will continue at clients' comfort. Staff will continue regular temperature monitoring and will maintain social distancing while maximizing therapy effectiveness. Staff will work closely with families and clients to take recommended precautionary measures including mandatory health surveys. If families wish, therapy can be moved to an online format instead. 


Previously all HOPE Therapies materials were sanitized every week. All materials will now be sanitized after each appointment. If you prefer, appointments may be conducted only using materials from your home. 

Healthy & Safety concerns

Concerned about in-home speech therapy?

HOPE Therapies continues to be committed to providing safe and effective services and will work on an individual basis to determine the best location (inside or outside/nearby your home) to provide services.


We ask all clients/families to sign HOPE Therapies wellness policy. This policy includes an expectation that all clients to promptly cancel appointments if they, or anyone in their families, are showing flu like symptoms or have a fever. All HOPE Therapies employees follow the same policy.

Our staff follows our profession's best practices outlined regarding cleanliness and illness. H

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