Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of clients do you see at Hope Therapies?

We work with children and adults of all ages, developmental levels, and a broad range of diagnoses. The following list covers just a few of the more common delays we address. 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Auditory Processing Disorder

  • Apraxia of Speech

  • Articulation Disorder

  • Self-Regulation/ Executive Functioning Delays

  • Feeding/ Swallowing Issues

  • Expressive & Receptive Language Disorder

  • Social/ Pragmatic Delays

  • Stuttering

  • Late Talkers

  • Phonological Disorder

  • We figured this was a long enough list to start. We regularly see clients with concerns outside of this list. 

Is my child a late talker? Do they need to see a Speech Therapist? 

Children have stages of speech and language development that are consistent across the board. The exact age your child will reach each stage can vary based on several factors. We recommend that if you are concerned about your child's language development, you reach out for a consultation as early as possible. It is better to address this earlier before a child falls farther behind developmental goals. 

What is Hope Therapies' approach to increase communication in individuals with Autism? 

We have found that every individual with autism needs a unique approach to increase communication. During a consultation, Joselynne will craft a specialized language development plan. Instead of a one size fits all model, which often neglects the dynamic nature of communication, Joselynne and her team will use an individual's personality and interests to make speech therapy fun, engaging, and effective.  


Insurance & Payment

Will my insurance cover speech therapy for me or my child?

The short answer is that it depends. Luckily, we accept most insurance companies and are happy to work with you or your family to check your eligibility for coverage. We also can provide appropriate documentation of the speech-language services received. We also accept out-of-pocket payments. 


Do I live close enough? 

Stay tuned for more information on the areas of North Carolina we will serve soon! 

Other FAQ's