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August 16 & 17, 2019 - Irvine, CA


This two day workshop consists of 5.5 hours of training per day for a total of 1.1 ASHA CEU's. The workshop includes lecture and small group hands on activities. Participants will be guided through learning activities aimed at building competencies in planing, implementing, and evaluating attention, self-regulation and executive function in their practice. Participants will practice strategies and evaluate their teaching as well as receive feedback from the instructor and other participants.


Upon completing this course participant will be able to

  • Analyze a student's attention, self-regulation and executive functioning skills to determine areas of strength and areas in need of growth
  • Develop a treatment plan for a student experiencing difficulties with attention, self-regulation and executive functions
  • Demonstrate at least three lessons targeting improvement in attention, self-regulation and executive function skills.

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  • Canvas 17332 Von Karman, Suite 115, Irvine 92614

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